Its All About Debate

Really from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep you’re always debating in some capacity. You are arguing with mom why she wake you up too early, or Mom arguing with you why you are tapping phone all the time. It is life. We are always debating.

From the beginning we debated, Is Earth flat or round ? We have answer now. But in other issues we are still debating. Like, which one is the fundamental constituent of matter ? particles or strings ? One thing is clear, debating is helping us to answer the raised questions and we progress.

What we do

TYpical Debate

We arrange topical debate regularly. Every week regular sessions are arranged. All the members of our club  participate in debate , judgement & organizing. Audience from all discipline of our university enjoy battle of logic. We arrange inter-department & mix-up debate on regular basis.


We participate in National & international tournaments for the development of our members. This allows speakers of all levels to practice their skills against the the best debaters of the world.

Flagship events

We host and organize prestigious events every year at BUTEX campus. BUTEXDC National Debate Fest, Entwine, BUTEXDC One Day Intra are some flagship events. Universities, schools & colleges from all over the country come here .

Contact US

+880 1638 675 224